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Granorte And Their New Cork Technology

It is here! It is new! The most modern cork flooring concept ever presented this far. It is the TRENDcollection by GRANORTE – a budget-driven cork collection that maintains all the benefits of the ‘sustainable and natural’ material.


The stand is designed by world-renowned interior designer, Marco Carini, and supposedly gives an ‘immersive voyage through a box-like cork shelter.’ Paulo Rocha, product and R&D manager at Granorte said that the stand highlighted the beautiful aesthetic of the wonderful natural material. The TRENDcollection presented the main features of cork flooring -’ it’s quiet and comfortable, water resistant, wear resistant, has ecological benefits in terms of economy and easy installation.’


‘Marco’s stand has provided a great platform to showcase the variety of design and product availability through exhibiting the new TRENDcollection. The TRENDcollection has been launched to place cork’s firm and clear the benefits in the consciousness of a new audience of homeowners and interior designers, thereafter, significantly widening the appeal of this natural material and it’s a development that is sure to capitalise on the growing demand of sustainable interior finishes’ continued Paulo.


In the Granorte’s TRENDcollection, visitors were treated to a gallery-like experience with all 72 designs presented by the four families:

The SOLIDtrend floating rigid core constructions

The VINYLtrend proprietary vinyl top player over HDF core

DESIGNtrend – direct digital print onto a cork top layer and

NATURtrend – cork floating floors and glued down tiles.

Granorte has created a new website, brand and identity as well as packaging concepts in regard to this new significant development.


The Portuguese manufacturer has also launched the Granorte Colour Palette – inspired by the four elements – fire, water, earth and wind. They have showcased 28 available colours in the high-end Granorte Delivering Nature products. Granorte Palette is organized into further 28 decors, where new tones have been introduced to Decodalle, and updates have been made to Vita Classic and Vita Decor.


But that is not all visitors witnessed at the Granorte’s stand. They got to see the launch of a large-format wall tile in Carioca, made of natural cork surface and bevels. The rest of the wall products presented at Domotex were the Storywall – which was refined with new colours and 3D forms with added colours in three shapes and the other two formats.