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Green For the Win

Today our London flooring specialists will provide you with some information regarding vinyl flooring. If you are still undecided about what floor to use and the advantages and disadvantages of it, this article might tip the scales in its direction. The vinyl flooring is becoming more and more famous but few know that it is in fact rapidly developing during the last few years. While the vinyl flooring is a stable choice providing both durability and it is easy to preserve, it also offers an incredible variety in design, colours, patterns you can basically experiment with it to your heart’s content. The surface is scratch and wear-resistant and it remains among the top choices, which are highly recommended by London flooring companies.

  • Those are just part of the benefits this product provides because today we are here to discuss the VOC (volatile organic compounds) of the London flooring products. Most of you might not be aware but it is good to know that all materials emit dangerous substances in their lifetime, which of course might be harmful. Some paints, adhesives, solvents depending on the quality of the emitted VOC can worsen the air inside buildings and after research our London flooring experts are happy to announce that vinyl products are ranked among the products producing the lowest amounts of VOC, confirmed by the FloorScore (IAQ) – the certification for hard surface flooring materials, adhesives, and underlayments.
  • Being aware of the green revolution, more and more manufacturers are embracing the idea, providing adequate treatment for the environment and ourselves. There is no loss in the whole cycle in terms of quality or endurance of the product and people mustn’t think of it as some kind of a recent snobbish fad.

It has been confirmed by the verified organisations competent in the flooring industry. Vinyl is a popular choice because of their performance, they are long-lasting and 100% biodegradable. It is a safe purchase and an investment for the future. Invest in a healthier environment, not in a better ventilating system or more regular maintenance, it is simply not worth it. Hope after the information presented from our London flooring experts you will be ready to take a more clear-headed step towards choosing the right flooring for your property.

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