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Grey Is Still The Leader

In every aspect of life trends easy come and easy go. London flooring contractors share that often the flooring market can`t respond quickly enough to a certain craze. Many new conceptual ideas defined as trends can seem irrelevant when put into practice. However, as homeowners and specifiers are becoming more and more trend-conscious London flooring experts have to do something about it.

  • Formerly, interior design trends tend to transfer to the corner of the flooring industry for a couple of years. However, as nowadays we live in a modern world that enables us to have access to infinite supply of images of beautiful restaurants, outrageous hotels, fancy homes, etc. London flooring professionals point out that today`s customers are way more style-demanding than ten years ago. This happens because the client wants a London flooring solution that makes a difference.
  • When it comes to wood flooring oak is still among the favourites. Yet, there are some variations developing the interest of the classics – London flooring now is changing the game relying on new textures and colours. Flooring industry can really benefit from a forecasting of trends – all that needs to be done is the right interpretation as trend information from the other industries can be “translated” to flooring language. For instance, the trend “Wonderland” can be defined with few words – sky, colours, mountains, icebergs and the palette in dominant grey colour.
  • Grey is a preferred shade in the interior industry – as it is the perfect neutral colour many customers choose it for their London flooring. Imagine how good will look a wooden oak floor – provided with a pattern that still can be seen and solid texture it is the perfect London flooring solution.
  • The trend “Collage” on the other hand can be described with vivid colours and geometric shapes. Strong lines and geometric patterns are usually found in the soft furnishing industry. This impacts on London flooring because in order to make the floor answer this trend, darker and stronger colours should be used – in this way London flooring solution can make a more powerful design statement. Here we will talk about parquet. However, there is one big disadvantage when installing a classic parquet London flooring – it can be time-consuming. In other words this may be expensive both for the client and the London flooring contractor.
  • Fortunately, a modern update of this loved by everyone traditional parquet is well overdue with no compromises on the quality of the product. Solid hardwood is used in wider and longer staves to deliver a well-defined chevron, herringbone and basketweave patterns. A lot of finishing products can bring the final glossy touch to this marvelous London flooring solution.

Easy installation, low life-cycle expenses and superior quality are the main aspects that play a significant role when opting for a high-quality London flooring. As reputable contractors may now offer trend-aware colours and finishes even dealing with markets that are more trend-sensitive, such as hospitality, retail and housing developments, is not a challenge. When London flooring contractors know what is ahead of them they can quickly answer the demand and offer wide product ranges to the trendy clientele.

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