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Grey Shades Of Flooring Come Into Fashion

London flooring contractors are aware, that flooring styles come and go. London flooring specialists claim that the days of peel-and-stick vinyls are far behind us. Nowadays, choosing the right type of flooring is very, very important if you want to create an accent in the interior. Learn more details:

  • Every London flooring company will tell you, that Scandinavian chic is very modern trend when it comes to interior design schemes nowadays. In order to make a naturalistic impression and to combine simplicity with elegant style, many designers rely on pale wood with subtle undertones of colour (for instance natural oak with greyish and whitewash undertones).
  • London flooring contractors notice, that grey flooring becomes more and more popular and perhaps this trend will continue during 2016. When it comes to traditional oak, grey delivers more contemporary and modern alternatives. It may complement the effect or it may provide a dramatic contrast, depending on the appearance, that London flooring specialists want to achieve.
  • When it comes to office spaces, London flooring solutions are more and more used in creative ways. The goal is to energise the space and stimulate the productivity.
  • London flooring contractors notice also another trend – dark wood flooring. There are wonderful shades of ebony and espresso, that create contemporary look in both commercial and residential areas.
  • Every London flooring company will tell you that oiled UV finishes are still very popular among customers, because they allow clients to understand the true character within the wood.
  • London flooring experts notice that laminate is still super popular, because of affordable prices and ease of installation. Laminate is practical, flexible and resistant to wear, so it’s really durable London flooring solution preferred by many clients and contractors.
  • London flooring contractors are aware, that engineered timber flooring is also very widespread, because of recent design innovations.

Nowadays people are not swayed by the thickness of the flooring, they are interested in the overall look, durability and affordability.

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