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Guide To Slippy Situations

In this article, we will discuss the importance of knowing and understanding why slips and falls occur. London flooring specialists in investigating incidents that involve trips and slip say that this subject is extensive and interesting as new floorcoverings are manufactured all the time. London flooring experts are about to have a new set of guidelines to work to to measure the slip resistance of a floor properly. The guidelines are called ‘The Assessment of Floor Slip Resistance – The UK Slip Resistance Group Guidelines – the most recent variant will be released this October.

  • Most of the active London flooring specialists in this field are members of the UK Slip Resistance Group (UKSRG) that is the foremost authority on the assessment of the slipperiness of floors for a few decades. There is a correct method of operation of the prime test method what is used – the Pendulum Tester. There is a solid British standard in the shape of BS 7976 – 2 to describe this method – it was originally written by the members of the UKSRG and it is based on the guidelines.
  • This standard, however, is limited in terms of its ability to offer guidance and advice. Yet London flooring specialists apply the data generated in the guidelines in real situations. It should be possible for users to generate sturdy test data which can be used during a dispute and to be fully informed about the relevance of the generated data. Eventually, the data generated should be adequate enough to be used in a courtroom. London flooring professionals point out that it should be very clear, therefore, the release of the new variant is an important event.
  • The big event will be released at the upcoming UKSRG’s Conference in London and will allow delegates the opportunity to hear from both international and London best flooring experts. The last issue was unveiled in 2011 – the latest issue of the guidance have been improved with fine-tuning of the last issue. London flooring professionals are confident that the detailed information will help the UK Slip Resistance Group to thrive in the investigation of slip and fall accidents even more.

Such improvement and development are of crucial importance for London flooring contractors and companies. With the help of the guideline, it will be way easier to solve cases in court and to help people in the flooring business!

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