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Hands Off the Trees!

There are inevitable changes in every sector of the economy after Brexit. Аs the UK still follows the regulations of the European Union, the country is obliged to comply with “EUTR”. EUTR stands for European Union Timber Regulation – it is a law that obliges all suppliers of wood-based products in Europe to show a proof that the timber was not harvested in an illegal way. Fortunately, London flooring specialists explain that UK government has come out and said that the EUTR law will still be valid. They mention that it might be renamed but still the important thing is that is will remain a crime to sell wood-based products which legal source can`t be proven. Many people wonder how this will affect them. Ain`t it responsibility to all of us to be in charge for saving our planet?

  • London flooring experts point out that if you are a merchant or an importer you have the legal duty to comply with the EUTR and ensure that what they are selling to their customers is legal. To be more clear, we can compare it with rhinoceros horns or elephant ivory – just because it`s ‘trees’ it doesn’t make it any less a target for criminal activities and poaching. Proper “due diligence” must be performed in any case.
  • There are many merchants and importers of wood products that belong to the TTF (Timber Trade Federation). Flooring professionals in London report that TTF has just revamped its “Responsible Purchasing Policy” to make it easier for its members to comply with the timber regulation. If we can explain it in a better way – the federation will kick out the members that won`t comply the EUTR and do not perform ‘due diligence’ any way they can.
  • How can you make a difference? London flooring professionals say that users and buyers can simply ask if the product meets the EURT – it is not just the big business or politicians that can make a difference. If the answer is not positive or you get a blank look, you know what to do – you wouldn`t buy rhinoceros horns, would you? Don`t help the ones that want to sell illegal wood-based goods or are ignorant and do not perform due diligence. If the London flooring company that is concerned is a member of the TTF, they should show you a certificate which is most likely pinned on their website.

Please actively help in every aspect you can to preserve and manage efficiently our forests for future generations!

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