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Hardwood Flooring Myths Debunked

We at The Flooring Group is passionate about all the qualities and benefits that hardwood flooring can bring to a property. Yet, we are also aware that there are a number of misconceptions which our customers regularly fear from. That is why we have tried to debunk some myths and listed below three of the most common ones.

The Myth: There is nothing that can be done to stop the hardwood flooring expanding and contracting in unstable humidity.
The Reality: Although hardwood naturally expands during the summer and in case of humidity change, and subsequently contracts during the winter. This is not something to put up with, and there are a number of things that can be done to try and avoid it. The high levels humidity during summer and the low ones in winter can be mitigated using a dehumidifier and a humidifier respectively. Another reason for the flooring to swell can be caused by poor plumbing.

The Myth: Once a hardwood floor has faded away, nothing can recover the original quality.
The Reality: The Flooring Group has numerously published posts and articles dedicated to re-finishing and retouching faded hardwood floors. Anything is possible when you apply the correct method and use proper products.Typically it is the building up of dust and other debris that can cause the floor to lose its shine and quality. That means that a quick and simple removement of the top layer will be all it takes to recover that original, wonderful lustre.

The Myth: Hardwood floors are durable and resistant to dents and scratches.
The Reality: The hardwood flooring is designed to stand up to the rigours of high traffic and daily use, but we shall never forget that it is a natural material, and as such can be damaged and scratched. Preservation is the key to longevity here. For example, the use of adhesive felt pads for the legs of tables and chairs and avoiding dragging them along the floor. High heels and other sharp objects can also damage the surface, so make sure to leave them elsewhere.