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Have You Visited CFJ’s Flooring Library?

In this article, we will talk about CFJ – it is our inspiration for most of the articles we write so our London flooring professionals think it deserves its own post, its flooring library in particular. The library is free to use and provides a lot of helpful information for flooring contractors, interior designers, architects and facilities managers.

  • You can browse through numerous products – manufacturers have provided high-quality images. You can search by location or by products – thanks to its high degree of specificity each user can easily navigate to find the most suitable London flooring solutions for them. Every day new more and more manufacturers join the Library and share pictures of their products so the number of images across the categories is growing.
  • The clean design of CFJ’s Flooring Library makes the site very organised and its simplicity makes it perfect for every London flooring contractor to bring to an end user on a phone or a tablet and help them select the right London flooring solution for them.
  • In the Library you can see a wide range of products that include resin, LVT, wood as well as a wide array of locations, for instance, hospitals, schools and offices. You can compare between different London flooring options and you will be able to make a well informed choice no matter what are your needs and requirements.
  • Along with that, you should have in mind that each category provides a detailed description of its product range and location. London flooring specialists point out that almost every picture uploaded shows a real installation of the certain flooring depicted and not only an illustration. This is very important as customers can really see the aesthetic impact of the floor on the right space.

The Flooring Library emphasises on quality, efficiency and versatility. With it customers no longer have to browse numerous web pages to choose the best flooring alternative. You can easily search and identify the right product. Thanks to the Library, customers are provided with a convenient way to find what they need and this is the most important part – making the customer happy!

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