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Healthcare Environment Is A Challenge For Every Cleaning Team

Cleaning typically is a challenge but when it comes to sanitising a healthcare environment things get even more demanding. However, there are some equipment and techniques that can help cleaning professionals meet the requirements and needs of a proper disinfection. What’s the most challenging part? London flooring contractors point out that definitely floors are among the most difficult surfaces to deal with. In a healthcare environment you have to consider the heavy traffic – wheeled equipment, trolleys, beds and of course, foot traffic. It is absolutely normal for patients and clinicians. Unfortunately, the pressure on hospital care budgets is rising so the cleaning needs to be efficient and effective performed by trained and well-equipped cleaning teams.

  • Favourably, in most healthcare environments cleaners are helped as most of the areas are covered with London flooring that is hard and impervious which means that it is resistant to spills and can be cleaned speedily. Tiles are usually used in washrooms, toilets and kitchens and carpets are installed in lounges, waiting areas or family rooms, especially in care homes. The size, proportion and layout of these areas are the major factor when it comes to determining the most cost-effective cleaning service.
  • London flooring specialists say that top priority is to limit the filth that comes from the outside – installing threshold matting at external entrances is essential in order to prevent dirt and grimes from going inside of the facility. A lot of issues should be considered – specification of chemical solutions, equipment selection and cleaning frequencies are few of them. For instance, powerful and efficient cleaning detergents are potentially risky and harmful for sensitive people and can trigger allergic reactions or provoke dermatitis or asthma. For that reason high standards of filtration are vital on vacuum cleaners when sanitising carpets – if this is neglected the microorganisms will recirculate back in the air causing respiratory problems.
  • A safer alternative to harsh chemicals are the taurine-based and neutral products but they have to be applied by a machine in order to be efficient. In the same line of thought machinery should be used when mopping – hand-mopping can`t be used in a modern and effective cleaning regime. Despite the fact that micro-fibre mops heads are used, pathogens and soils in the bucket will be spread back on the flooring. Flooring specialists in London warn that no matter what cleaning detergent is used, conventional mops can`t put enough pressure to remove the embedded filth and dirt and clean the crevices of the London flooring.
  • However, although mechanised cleaning is preferred, there are some areas such as bathrooms and toilets that have to be cleaned by hand – the risks of pathogens and contamination are high. For example, mopping will be ineffective when cleaning the grout lines of tiled London flooring as bacteria multiply there. Another risk is that mopping in these areas presents potential hazard of slipping. Having all these aspects in mind, a modern and advances scrubber-dryer is usually one of the most efficiently utilised machinery on a daily basis when cleaning in clinics, hospitals and care homes is performed – there are machines that mop, scrub and dry London flooring in a single pass.
  • Many hard floors such as rubber-studded are provided with a change of brush – they are cleaned daily by means of intensive scrubbing. There are brushes that operate at high speed and save on chemicals and water – machine operators of these counter-rotating brushes can remove effortlessly even stubborn stains and scuff marks. They can also scrub into recesses and grout lines. These brushes are provided with maneuverability as well as colour-codes that manage the risk of cross-contamination. Flooring contractors in London point out that it is really important that all of these floor sanitising processes are quiet as patients are noise-sensitive. Another important aspect that should not be neglected is that where soiling is due to body fluids after the regular cleaning London flooring professionals recommend performing steam cleaning too.

No matter how developed the new technologies in cleaning equipment are, there is no machine that can meet all the demands that London flooring demands. However, what cleaning teams can do is to combine a multi-purpose scrubber-dryer with their knowledge and diligence and maintain a good hygiene in a healthcare environment.

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