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Healthy Workplace, Happy Workforce

More and more attention is paid to the contribution to employees’ wellbeing and advances in technology are facilitating this process. The trend for open environments with functional zoning has a big impact on office designs. London flooring contractors say that many business owners are evaluating the importance of the good physical design of workspaces. There is a direct link in having a decent working environment and attracting and retaining staff. In this article, we will discuss the role of London flooring in such situations. Creating modern environments that reflect the company’s image and support innovation contributes to happy workforce. London flooring experts will explain which are the considerations that should be taken into account, namely installation, performance, design, acoustic properties and maintenance considerations. All of that should comply with the budget of the company.

  • London flooring contractors say that carpet tiles remain a popular choice. However, the sector is facing a demand for design-led resilient flooring solutions that provide more performance benefits and wider aesthetic options. Luxury Vinyl Tiles are taking this area by storm. They offer great features for functional spaces. Without a doubt, interior trends influence workplaces – London flooring specialists tell that limed wood effect and grey as well as concrete finishes are desires more and more often. If the colours and designs are chosen correctly, they will greatly contribute to defining different ‘zones’ – creative thinking, meeting and eating areas can be better with the use of right flooring. It can help stimulate thinking or relax – creating personalised workplaces can make your workforce more productive and efficient so your business can thrive.
  • Now, let`s discuss LVT in terms of performance – it is very durable and has options that can handle both moderate and heavy traffic. LVT flooring is also easy to clean and offers advanced stretch resistance that will lower the maintenance and help the floor look good for longer. There are also acoustic options, so you can make your busy office quieter to work in. LVT flooring solutions have loose-lay alternatives – these interlocking systems are very suitable for renovations and can be laid over existing smooth, hard surfaces providing clean, fast and cost-effective installation.
  • LVT can be easily altered when the office is being reconfigured which is another added benefit. Slip-resistance is the next feature which is provided – it doesn`t mean that your floor has to be boring just because it provides great performance qualities. London vinyl flooring meets the requirements and offers the needed measurement to lower the slip risk in wet conditions.

Business owners are looking for new ways to distinguish themselves and retain their qualified workforce. With a sleek design and a combination of performance and eco-consciousness, vinyl flooring can meet the demands and ensure that employees are happy and productive in their workplaces!

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