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Hot Cocoa Floors!

The Flooring Group would like to present you with something unique that we offer. We have recently added to our collection of linoleum floors a new addition, behold the marmoleum cocoa floor. It isn’t edible, not that we tried, but it definitely looks amazing and feels very natural. It might be an innovative idea, but we assure you this isn’t something that is likely to get damaged easily, hard to maintain or a new trend that is about to run out of style any time soon. Our London specialists frequently install lino floors as they are easily maintainable, robust and offer a wide variety of patterns and colours to match even the most elaborate of tastes. The cocoa floor is just a logical development in aesthetics of this worthy product.

We consider it a very stylish decision for your household and here is why:

  • It’s a new generation of sustainable design combining both natural feel with our sturdy marmoleum floors
  • Throwing the cocoa shells and the cocoa in the mix leaves us with the feel of both a modern and natural final product
  • The granular look of the floors blend in effortlessly with dirt particles, maintaining it’s fresh look regardless if you cleaned recently or not
  • It has cocoa in it, what more can you ask for?

It looks, feels great, comes in a rich palette of colours and it can make a fine addition to the whole atmosphere in your property. The Flooring Group highly recommends it and you can’t go wrong with a marmoleum floor. Feel free to visit one of our London stores you will be greeted by our helpful representatives on sight and be able to experience this innovation in flooring right there and then, who knows it might be just what you were looking for.

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