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Hot Trends In Hardwood Flooring

In the below article The Flooring Group will point out a few insights on today’s hardwood trends to follow and adore.

Opposites attract
In the past 10 years, all hardwood trends have seen quite a transition, from warm to cool and dark to light shades. Nowadays it seems consumers are not gravitating towards only one hue, but seek difference and individuality. The light colours are definitely re-emerging mainly due to their clean look and ability to hide imperfections and brighten interior spaces.

Size matters
In terms of size, the industry professionals agree that wide width is selling, as larger planks have become the standard. But companies are predicting a shift towards narrow planks. Some experts say that size also depends on region.

The finishing touch
No more exotic finishes, as customers are fond of low gloss, matte finishes and oil rub finishes which are taking over hardwood. Modern consumers want an emulated oil rub look finish, that has a velvety sheen to it.

Delicate and Distressed
Both the wire brushing and distressing are among the most popular textures in the hardwood category. Light wire brushing is a perfect way to accent on natural wood beauty. Overall, the industry sees a resurgence of rustic textures.

One of the biggest things the industry is enjoying the most is the use of reactive chemicals and thermal treatments. They create specific colour movement within the planks. The Flooring Group will supply its customers with the best Uk producers and top quality service, but also provide expert advice and professional flooring services. For more information visit our website