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How to choose between wide or narrow floorboards

When trying to decide what will look best, this question is always first. Of course everyone’s opinion differs and ultimately there is no right or wrong as it comes down to the property’s outlay and personal tastes.

However there are some important comparisons to consider:

1.Visual Differences
– When comparing wide and narrow boards, they can add a very different look and feel to the room. Narrow boards usually come in short and more random lengths. This provides a look of a more frisky floor with more joints and breaks in the grain. The wide planks are longer and more easy to fit in shapes.
– It is commonly accepted that the decorative grain and beauty of the timber is visually enhanced within longer and wider flooring.Thus the boards can really show off the natural features.

2. Size of the Room
– A large room is better suited with a longer and wider floor board. And likewise these may slightly resize smaller areas. Often people have large living areas and narrow hallways, which creates the concern that a wide floor board will be out of place. From our vast experience we have found wide boards look perfectly fine throughout.
– For average sized rooms, it is believed that a wider board can also open out the area and add a feel of spaciousness.

3. The cost
– For a traditional hardwood floor but with a slightly tighter budget, going for a narrower board can save up costs. This point is never to be underestimated.

4. Fitting time
– It is an important factor to consider. Even though longer and wider floorboards are more expensive, they are far quicker to fit in comparison to short and narrow ones.
– Convenience wise for most customers the quicker the floor is completed the better.

5. Movement
– Wider boards could be more susceptible to swelling and shrinking in reaction to the environment. Recently, the engineered wood flooring is based on high quality multi-layer plywood that gives the board exceptional stability and makes them far less prone to this movement.

At The Flooring Group we supply a wide variety products varying in dimensions to best suit every property.