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How To Create The Right Image?

In order to be competitive you have to succeed in making your business stand out. If you want to have a rewarding marketing strategy you should first have to develop the right image for your business. Just like any other sector London flooring is concerned. But what to begin with?

First of all, you should decide on the image. When you are a flooring professional in London, you would want to be perceived as an honest, reliable and exceptional service provider. The next step is to figure what is your target? Are you trading with customers distance away or are you after locals? Are you trying to cut corners in a bespoke London flooring service or are you aiming for the mass market? A very important aspect is to examine what is happening with your competition. See what is not working and avoid it.

Build identity – the essential part is to create a logo that sends the right message. You are aware that it will appear on your business cards, premises, stationery, adverts and brochures. Your logo will communicate with your potential clients and they will be able to identify your London flooring company from distance. This is why you are highly recommended to rely on professional help for this task. Choose the right designer and pay special attention to this 4 crucial elements:

  • Colour – the market leading colours are the bright, vibrant ones. Yellows, oranges and reds are such examples. Blue, grey, green and white are considered more mature – such colours are usually used for financial institutions` logos.
  • The font used is the next element that we will discuss. If it is tacky and ornate, you will probably be considered amateurish. In order to show that you are a professional in London flooring business you better rely on something simple yet intriguing.
  • Many London flooring companies incorporate a graphic in their image. If you want to do that make sure that it is easy to understand and it shows the public what is your business all about. Don`t forget that graphics should be only a part of the message you sent and not the main part of the image you want to create.
  • Last but not least, you will definitely want to create a slogan to accompany your logo. You should aim at one-liner that will make your London flooring company stand out.

Now that you have a new image, you will need to use it everywhere. Put it on your business cards, invoices, letterheads, website, packaging and signage. Another very important aspect is to spend some money on registering a domain for your business – it will look far more professional that using free accounts. If you have a logo that is already well-recognised, better don`t redesign the whole image but make a slight change to revive it – don`t risk to lose existing clients just because they fail to recognise your London flooring business!

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