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How To Match Your Furniture To Your Floor

Furnishing is an expression the homeowner’s character combined with the flooring design. And while the flooring is crucial to getting the décor just right, an ill-matched furniture arrangement can be extremely unsightly and undermining a stylish living. The Flooring Group will list a few key point to follow.

The minimalism trend

Most contemporary arrangements significantly value space over dense and cluttered rooms. Minimal furniture or units that are geometric and extravagance free – is in the trend. Often, the colours are plain black, white, cream, or grey for a sense of spaciousness. The best choice is a lighter-toned floor for this aesthetic which will add to those sensibilities.

The Flooring Group recommends beech laminate that is neat and very appealing. It is also bright enough to enhance a minimal décor without drawing much attention to the floor area. Placing an oyster grey sofa on it, or a high white bookcase will gain that immaculate 21st-century effect.

The ever-popular vintage look

Retro furniture has made a huge comeback recently. Homes across the UK are flaunting trolley storage, cage decorations, thick wooden tables and factory-borne lighting fixtures. This trend relies on a blend of natural and manufactured materials of all types, where the design elements can be seen with a rustic twist.

Distressed Antique Oak is the pick The Flooring Group will rate for the vintage-minded homeowner. It looks incredible under a sepia glow, and endures the wear and tear from metal chairs or cabinet legs.

Authentic Scandi beauty

The Scandinavians are proven to be a seemingly inexhaustible source of amazing furniture. The trend is becoming more creative with every new year. For a Scandi fan, the Herringbone flooring is just what is needed for that soft, wave-like statement in the bedroom or living area.

A thin floor lamp will be perfect to accompany the seating, which can be dressed in soft pastel shades. Herringbone will also look great beneath a Scandi coat hanger, even antlers and bare tree branches.

The Rustic feel

A country living will always be defined by rich, deep wood furniture. Traditional homes may still choose a mahogany dining table or a display case from dark solid beech.

Yet it is never a good idea to opt too full-blown on a single tonal scheme. Far better will be to mix up the wood palette with a luxury oak-effect vinyl floor, and chestnut chairs that stand out against the lighter backdrop. In the bedroom, the opposite contrast will make a statement, with a pine bed frame on Black Walnut.