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How to Pick Your Carpet Colour

Carpeting can be one of the hardest decorating parts because there are so many choices to make: carpet style, fiber type, pattern, quality, and lastly colour.


Colour is often the toughest customer choice. Visualizing the color in a large space can be difficult, judging from a tiny swatch. A change in color can have a drastic impact, and it can be a bit frightening sometimes even if a change is desired.


Not sure how to pick your color, just follow some of our tips here below.


What is the first color to choose-carpet, furniture, bedding or paint?


Which aspect of the decoration of their room should you first pick when you start from scratch? For the home’s primary living areas, like the family room, first, choose the color of the sofa. The reason is that fabric color choice is often more restricted to sofas than to carpet or paint. Many sofa styles are available in just four or five (or less) colors to choose from unless the sofa is custom-made. Therefore, if not first selected, finding a sofa in the style you like can be hard, which matches the carpet you have already selected.


After selecting the sofa, select the carpet and lastly the paint. Again, this is because the color choice of the paint is nearly unlimited. Start by choosing the element that is most limited and save the component for the last with the largest selection.


In other spaces, like bedrooms, use the same logic. In this situation, bedding choices are quite large, so first select the color of the carpet. Because bedding is a lower investment and comparatively simple to alter, you may want to pick the color of the paint before selecting the bed cover.


Neutral Colors for Carpet


There is a reason why colors that are neutral are the largest carpeting sellers. Carpet has a big effect in a space and can be overpowering in bright color in a wide expanse. It’s also costly to replace the carpet. Unless you have the resources (and patience) to replace your carpet as patterns change every few years, it’s best to keep the color neutral on the ground. Use the brighter or bolder colors in other, less expensive room elements: painting on the walls (much simpler and less expensive to modify than carpeting), sofa pillows, bedding, and smaller accent parts like lights and framed art.


In earthy hues, current trends favor neutrals, including hot grays and the ever-popular beige. Neutrals need not be boring. Choose texture in the carpet to ensure that your carpet still has character despite the neutral color. Friezes or cut and loop styles give your carpet depth and personality while maintaining it as subtle as possible to prevent turning it into the room’s focal point.


Berber Flecks


Another excellent way to integrate character into your carpet is to choose a color that is flecked rather than a consistent color. Technically speaking, even though most individuals use the word Berber to refer to a looped carpet style, these color flecks in a carpet are known as Berber. Typically, Berber-flecked carpets are discovered in neutral colors with darker fleck neutrals.


Besides being visually attractive, Berber flecks are quite practical as they can assist in concealing any pieces of dirt or lint that can be discovered between vacuumings on your carpet. If you’re afraid to see anything out of location on your carpet, you might want to consider a flecked color.


Your Lifestyle Matters and Carpet Color Choice


The way you use the carpeted space and your lifestyle are enormous factors in the choice of color for the carpet. Usually, a busy family with children, animals and working parents does not lend itself well to white carpets, which can show more readily soiling than other colors.


You should keep in mind that there are far more unwanted debris than mid-tones in very light and very dark colors. While a dark color may be good to hide stains, lint and dirt will be more visible than other colors. The finest color to mask these problems will be a carpet that is neither too light nor too dark.


Choose Your Carpet Color Wisely


The color of the carpet can change the whole feel of a room, so be sure to thoroughly and wisely pick your color. Think about how trends can change over the years and be sure that today’s color you enjoy will still appeal to you along the way.


Once you have narrowed down the color choice, it’s time to start looking at samples and see what will fit best for the space.