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How To Protect Your Business From Cyber Criminals

London flooring contractors are aware, that cybercrime has a huge influence on small businesses and costs £27bn a year to the UK economy. It’s obvious, that one third of business stays unprotected and takes a big risk, thinking, that they are invulnerable. According to London flooring experts, only two-thirds of businesses have taken the necessary measures to protect themselves. Here are more details:

    Every London flooring company should realise that the hazard is not necessarily external, but it may be internal too. This means that some people from the staff may take advantage from the weakness in the company’s systems.
    London flooring experts should think how to protect their computers from viral downloads and attacks. In fact, remote locking is a chance for those companies who became a victim of the Cryptolocker attack in 2014. Here we talk about ransomware Trojan virus that spread via contaminated email attachments. Once the employees activated it, all the files in the current computer were encrypted.
    London flooring contractors claim, that protecting company IT means to plan ahead. Moreover – protection is often inexpensive and common sense. It’s mandatory for London flooring companies to understand data protection legislation. Maintaining of payment card compliance is also crucial according to London flooring specialists.
    Furthermore – important systems and critical shop information should be excellently protected. There should be restricted access and backups have to be kept off site. London flooring contractors remind of the importance of passwords. They should be changed on regular basis, especially when somebody leaves the company.
    Every firm should know who to turn to in case of cyber attack. IT support is very important in order to determine if the online services are destroyed in some way. For all those companies who trade online, it’s essential to know what the recovery procedures are.
    Implementation of protective plan is also essential. London flooring contractors remind, that restricted access, firewalls, anti-spam and antivirus software are mandatory.
    Training staff is another important step. All the employees should be aware of all the short procedures for using internet, mobile devices and email. Plus – regular software updates are obligatory. Auto-update feature should be always turned on. Vulnerabilities and errors should be found on daily basis.
    London flooring experts remind about the regular change of passwords and ensuring secure wifi network. This is achieved by changing the router name, changing the router password and last, but not least – changing security protocol. Mac address filtering should be turned on too.
    London flooring specialists believe that all these procedures and plans are meaningless if they are not applied on regular basis. This means that data backup policies and plans should be available, as well as recovery procedures in case of danger.
    London flooring contractors advise to perform routine security test of the shop’s website. This should be executed regularly.

  • There is an area which is often underestimated – it comes to making of background checks, both on personnel and with providers when using cloud services.

Always remember that external companies who deal with hosting cloud data, access to firm’s confidential data and information. So, the key is to determine clearly the standards they will maintain.

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