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How To Stop Dirt and Mud

No housewife will be happy when dust, mud, leaves and damp are accompanying the in-comers through the front door, as the hallway can turn into a mess. The dirt is not necessarily stopping there either but can be getting tracked through the entire house. This is why The Flooring Group has made a short list of how to avoid incidents and save up on cleaning costs.

Maximise the use of a mat
Never dodge the doormat in the entrance. The best will be to fit it from wall to built-in cupboard, providing enormous space to wipe feet, remove the shoes and put them away. For a mat like this, is essential to remember the need to be able to open the door fully, then walk inside and close the door, all the while still standing on it.

Restore the floor
Patterned floor tiles do not readily show dirt, and are easy to sweep, vacuum and wash, making cleaning up a breeze. In Victorian or Edwardian homes, tiles often lurk under a carpet, so make good use of that.

Stash next to the door
A combination of a dripping umbrella with mucky shoes makes a perfect muddy mess. That is why it will be best to team an umbrella stand with a practical flooring for the entrance.There plenty of futuristic and outlandish designs available now.

Cut down on cleaning costs
To achieve this, everyone must consider the qualities of the material chosen for the hallway. Some do not attract dust, repel dirt particles, etc.

Rolling it out
A long runner is always a dirt-stopping solution. The shade can be chosen to match the floor under and create an illusion of larger space. Also, a boldly striped rug does double duty- it catches mess before it gets further and can even score style points to boot.

Opt for a shoes-off policy
After all, what is easy to do is more likely to get done. A side space for the shoes will come in handy.

Whatever the concern might be, The Flooring Group has a solution. Visit our website or one of our London showrooms and talk with a flooring specialist.