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How Vinyl Flooring Is Changing Its Game

Luxury Vinyl Tile is back in the game of the flooring industry and bridged its way forward into 2016 for much more daring statements of design. London flooring contractors stated that there was an increase of market share in LVT category and no wonder – there are infinite designs to be made and as leading LVT manufacturers know that, they focus on the differentiation that would guarantee their top positions despite the fact that now more and more manufacturers enter the flooring business.

Flooring specialists in London say that the flooring industry will set about a new period of increased creativity for designers. This means that flooring manufacturers should stay ahead of all design trends like never before. One London flooring company shared that the latter stages of the previous 2015 has been a hysterical affair of looking towards this year and beyond in order to bring about the creativity that will take LVT to a whole new high level.

  • This new collection will be dedicated to both LVT tiles and planks and soft vinyl rolls. London flooring contractors claim that a global search starts from the analysis of new trends and by reading the change in consumption and lifestyles. London flooring specialists say that a particular attention should be paid to the architecture and interior decor. However, the fashion and many other factors such as ceramic tiles, textiles, marble and natural stones also have a huge impact on the design conclusion.
  • But how would the vinyl flooring of the future make its significant mark? After many years of constant pressure on the flooring market, London flooring contractors point out that the imitation of genuine wood has eventually begun to diminish. However, no one can deny that these effects still will be a crucial part of the market although they will be drastically downsized. The same thing happened in the fashion sector to denim – the constant design statement of the clothing followed by its cut for over a decade. After that there was a final decrease in massive market share and way better scaling – this is called progress.
  • Vinyl flooring product trends are about to undergo a change because there will be a solid growth of fabric effects as a functional and technical response to carpets. London flooring specialists claim that LVT would deliver warmth and simplicity as a better alternative to resins and cements. Ceramic tiles are a strong trend from which LVT also has ‘borrowed’ some aspects. Flooring contractors in London say that marble effects are considered to give impression of luxury and uniqueness but with a contemporary and modern interpretation and not the neo-classical one. Natural stones in warm and cold tones make the patterns and veins be delicate and at the same time distinguishable and appealing high-quality flooring solutions in London. The decline from the ceramics has also re-discovered the aesthetic side of the marble and natural stone, providing alluring distinctiveness such as the scratched effect, ‘incomplete cut’ and rustic relief. London flooring experts explain that adding the look of rusted metal slabs with their original designs and hues on the surface of iron to this, makes the flooring solutions in London warm and aesthetically innovative – the LVT influences are everywhere.
  • Another result from a mix of ‘garage rock’ and industrial excavation is the new neo-gothic style. It allows the London flooring contractors to select new designs from a vast range of vintage content that is much more sophisticated and refined. A flooring company is London says that it would deliver a new era of elegance combined with a timeless look with a touch of melancholy.

The Renaissance of LVT is upon us. A lot of new designs will be achieved by rediscovering the creativity of new and old materials combined, so they match the aesthetics of marble, natural stones and wood through geometry, drawings, sandblasting and laser engraving to become preferred London flooring solutions. LVT is favored London commercial flooring as a lot of business segments including retail, healthcare, corporate, hospitality and education choose it. Many flooring options that were unheard just a decade ago are now present. The flooring products that are now made provide a healthful working environment but not sacrificing the aesthetics and performance.

To summarise, there is a new Renaissance for LVT in the decor, that allows all the classic and vintage materials to sublimate the aesthetics on account of the contribution of innovation and creativity. London flooring specialists say that combining these factors leads to a fantastic creative and economic future for LVT.

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