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Improve The Warehouse From The Ground Up

Dilapidation work is important when landlords prepare to re-market a commercial or industrial building. This is usually resulting in costs, prolonged labour, and potentially unforeseen expenditure.


The focus of concern is often the floor, as it is the part of the building which has weathered the most use and abuse. The floor finish has been exposed to various impacts from heavy machinery to spillages of corrosive liquids. But bringing a facility up to the expected standards by potential tenants is only half the challenge. On the other hand, the site should meet the health and safety regulations relevant to its future use.


Epoxy resin floor-coatings have become a common choice for warehouse and distribution centres. This is mainly due to the ability of these solutions to provide a robust and level platform which withstands onsite challenges for an extended period while providing other operational benefits. One such example is Flowcoat SF41 from Flowcrete UK. The systems which are cement-based and pump applied topping Flowscreed Industrial Top may be specified to work alongside an epoxy coating in order to create a level surface prior to the resin application.


Furthermore, the levels of slip resistance can be tailored to the specific needs of the space. That is achieved by varying the quantity and size of the aggregates incorporated in the resin material that helps to provide extra traction underfoot precisely where required.


The epoxy systems have a long track record of use in high-end industrial and warehouse facilities worldwide. They can be complemented with thick polyurethane floors in areas such as loading bays and others with very heavy machinery placed. Landlords and tenants alike can take advantage of the lifecycle cost savings of these resin floor solutions in order to minimise the maintenance and the refurbishment costs in the future.