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Improve Your Sales By Making Small Changes

A fact to note is that the oldest profession in the world is selling. However, it is not a skill that everyone can naturally be good at as the fundamental lies in whatever their service or product is. Speaking of London flooring business it is the supplying and installing flooring. In this article, we will discuss what London flooring contractors should do to improve their sales.

  • An important aspect to consider is whether your service or product stands out from your competitors’ one – is it better in a certain way? Is there a way to make it even better so the customer can benefit more from your service? Can you make it lighter, cheaper and easier to fit? You can also think of a way to provide less inconvenience to the customers – they will greatly appreciate that. London flooring experts explain that finding what makes you different from other companies will give your USP (Unique Selling Proposition). This is the thing that sets you apart from your competition. Yes, it may take you some time to create your own list of benefits but eventually, after you are aware of your own advantages you will be able to improve your sales.
  • So, how can you sell more? Many people are misled and think that more services and products are sold by offering glossy brochures or having expensive advertising. In reality, it is much more important to know your targeted audience and then communicate with them efficiently. The best way is to plan a targeted approach to engaging your potential customers. You can choose to use your website, email campaigns, carefully write direct mail or rely on social media. As probably you don’t have deep enough pockets to provide the ‘brand’ marketing (as Coca-Cola does), you should be clearer for you audience. So, you should have a clear Call to Action. Why should you ask your recipient to do a specific thing? London flooring specialists say that if you fail to do that, your customers will not likely do it (be it call, buy special offer, etc).
  • Many London flooring contractors think that in order to succeed they must be the cheapest. Believe it or not, customers don’t always fall for the cheapest rates. More important aspects than the price itself proved to be the value, capability to deliver on time, expertise and, of course, quality. Something that should not be missed is the fact that even if the answer is no, you should keep in touch with your customers. Some prospects will not be ready to buy from you immediately. ‘No’ sometimes means ‘not right now’ as often the customers need more time to get acquainted with your competition. London flooring contractors should know that it takes time to make a prospect a new customer – you should gain their trust. Don’t get confused – by ‘keep in touch’ we don’t mean to call them 10 times but more like email them occasionally and send them newsletters.
  • Last, but not least, understand lifetime value. This measures the profit a company makes from any given customer throughout the span of their relationship. When a customer is happy with your service, he/ she will come back to you without the need to spend more money on sales. It makes a dramatic impact – selling to existing customers is much easier than finding new ones!

Value your customers! Follow our advice and you will see that small changes can actually improve your sales!

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