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Commercial Flooring News

In A Nutshell: Top Tips About Floor Installation

London flooring contractors have made a short list of tips when it comes to choosing the right flooring. Read carefully and be sure, that if you follow these pieces of advice, you won’t make a mistake:

  • London flooring experts recommend to always rely on slip-resistant London flooring solutions.
  • London flooring specialists advise customers to purchase sparkle-free floorings and to use matts. The reason is simple: speckling surfaces, sparkles and patterns may become the reason for distraction. Moreover – a person may think, that there is something to pick up on the floor and this may lead to dangerous fall.
  • London flooring contractors always install products with a Pendulum Test Value (PTV) of ­­>36. This means that a one in a million chance of slipping is ensured. Clients should also make sure, that this performance is guaranteed for the lifetime of the flooring.
  • Every London flooring company advises, that in humid environments, you should always avoid installing of textured flooring surfaces. There is high risk to hurt sensitive bare feet.
  • Reliable London flooring experts warn, that lighting which alters the appearance of the floor finish should be avoided. This kind of lighting will make the surface look wet and this is dangerous.
  • Usage of appropriate London flooring solutions and wall solutions in a way to create a non-institutional look is strongly recommended by London flooring contractors.
  • There are many professional London flooring specialists who are able to implement art to contribute for familiarity and to make wayfinding easier. This also makes final users feel welcome and comfortable.
  • If you ask a London flooring company about Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of flooring, walls and other critical surfaces, perhaps you will receive one definite answer – this indicator should differ at least with 30 points.
  • Technicians should ensure contrasting colours of ceilings, floors, doors and walls especially when it comes to London commercial flooring. The target is to differ the separate elements very well.

London flooring contractors also recommend to consider the idea about several colours in one area in order to avoid possible confusion.
Last, but not least London flooring specialists should develop the most appropriate cleaning program comprising the right machinery and high-standard detergents.

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