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Indoor Slides Are Not Just For Kids

The Flooring Group has always praised homeowners with a personal attitude towards the interior design. We have recently come across an unusual home with a thought for every occupant.

For instance turning the home in a playground. To bring slides indoors is not yet common enough to be called a trend, but we’re starting to see it here and there. The options can vary from taking centre stage to providing the fun and secret way to get from the laundry room to the basement. All in all, these playground pieces are anything but children’s play. The slide most certainly gets the endorphins going when sliding downstairs to get the first cup of tea in the morning.

However one must always feel about its function and the room it takes up.

The slide can be used for recreation and art. Its beautiful form may be a huge presence in a penthouse, connecting the attic to the guest room hallway, after that continuing down in a second leg to the living room below. The entire place may look like something out of a movie.

Architect David HotsonIn got inspired by German artist Carsten Höller, and created a slide design that has a futuristic form and serves as a sculpture in a huge and unique space. It was fabricated in Germany and assembled onsite, before many of the walls inside the penthouse went up. The end of the slide also serves as a work of art on its own. The owner of the home has had a lot of fun and amusement using it. The slide can also stay hidden as a round opening does not give away what the slide experience can be.

There are even options for those of you considering the head-first descents. The slides must always have a soft landing spot at the bottom.

There could also be the use of a secret way to the basement from the laundry room as well having a slide installed. It can have a cover over the mouth of the slide’s tube for additional safety – a very important issue to consider, when there are toddlers around. Exploring can become the new best game for the whole family.