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Interior Wall Concept From Haro

HARO has set the pace again with the latest trend. They have developed a simple pragmatic solution – where even professional installers benefit from their simple wall cladding system. 

The wallboards are fitted at the factory with lines of glue that can be placed on the prepped wall using a little assembly adhesive after the protective film has been removed. The system collects many positive points here as the process needs no tools and no side trimmings when installing. 


Haro Interior Walls come in 2 designs:


  • The Nevada Range is real wood boards supplied in 3 different thicknesses in oak descent. It creates a heavy brushed and expressive 3D surface which creates a striking tone in any room.


  • The Patagonia Design are larger boards combining rustic appearance with an overall uniform wall area. They are ideal for larger surfaces.


Both designs convey a distinguished and noble look due to the oiled surfaces.


Impressive Advantages to using Haro walls interior


Haro has developed the simplest and fastest systems for wall panelling. The natural designs and appearance created thanks to a careful selection of choice woods and matt or oiled surfaces with different textures. No side framing needed as the installation height is low, and lastly, no tools are needed to install.


All HARO products can be seen in our London flooring showrooms and website.