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Introducing Luna by Rols Wool Carpets

Luna is an eco-friendly tip-sheared carpet manufactured by Rols Wool Carpets.


The heritage of ROLS is the tradition of making exquisite carpets. The heart of the company ethos is the close bond between the skilled craftsmen and prime materials used in the production of every ROLS carpet. ROLS’s story began in 1917, when the founder, Francisco Gomez, started weaving carpets from vegetable fibres with only a simple hand loom. Along with the continuous desire for perfection, he started the business that is so famous today. Through this stewardship passed down to generations, all general principals have remained constant. From a very humble beginning, on through a century of global change and technological advance, ROLS Carpets has evolved to be the market leading manufacturer of premium quality carpets.


This collection is created using plastic waste recovered from the oceans and marine industries. The Luna’s richly textured surface is being woven in a loop pile Wilton structure and is a random mix of cut and loop yarns. The difference in this type of production is created by minimal adjustments in the height of the individual tuft points, meaning the higher of each is cut during the tip shearing process. It is extremely soft to the touch. Also, Luna’s revolutionary lustrous ECONYL fibres can reflect light like fine silk or cellulosic fibre similar to viscose, that gives the carpet surface a delicate shimmering which is favoured in the modern interiors. This combination of a woven structure and a highly engineered Econyl fibre gives superior durability and performance. Luna is suited for almost every soft commercial applications like hotel rooms and executive offices. The new Luna collection is available in 6 on-trend colours, and options for installation as a fitted wall to wall carpet or as an eye-catching made-to-measure one.


Nowadays, ROLS carpets are highly valued both in the domestic market and in over 30 countries across the world. The company’s exquisite products grace the floors in many of the best known international hotels, numerous landmark public and corporate buildings, some iconic luxury goods stores and high specification private residences.