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Commercial Flooring News

Introducing NEW Polysafe Stone fx

The Polysafe Stone & Wood fx is a modern collection by Polyflor, quite distinctive from anything on the market. It is developed to gather the beauty and authenticity of material surfaces with the perfection of wet slip-resistance. This awsome new heavy-duty vinyl sheet safety flooring comes in 34 commercial floor designs with concrete, high clarity stone, and wood effects and features a range of warm and cool tones. The Polysafe Stone & Wood fx collection provides endless possibilities to create a safe, yet contemporary interior space. 


Specially engineered for safety with virtually invisible aluminium oxide particles which are integrated throughout the performance layer, this product provides a safety flooring that is both functional and beautiful. Moreover, the carborundum-free safety particles ensure that Polysafe Stone & Wood fx provides full HSE compliance and sustainable wet slip-resistance, based on the staggering 36+ achieved on the pendulum wet tests.


The contrasting stone and wood effect flooring can demonstrate how design and function may go hand in hand. This collection is a perfect solution for the busy retail interiors where the flooring aesthetic and safety are a priority. It helps protect customers and employees in areas with heavy footfall by creating a safety floor that will handle potential slip risks from contaminants and all kinds of daily spillages.


The vast variety of contemporary stone designs and warm wood effects could be used individually or in combination in order to create harmonious zones in larger spaces. All designs of the collection are attractive and when combined with safety flooring properties can withstand any contaminants.


 The Polysafe Stone & Wood fx collection is ideal for any shared living, housing or commercial setting.