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Keep the Dirt Out Of Your Business!

In this article, we will discuss the importance of identifying the difference between floor coverings when speaking of an office. Many business owners forget to consider an appropriate entrance flooring system. London flooring contractors say that this should be one of the first decisions made in order to guarantee a successful project. Being subject to heavy footfall on a daily basis, entrances and exits of buildings bring a lot of dirt inside. Visitors and employees often forget to wipe their feet as they are too wrapped up in their routine of life. What is the solution to this situation? London flooring specialists say that installing a tailored entrance flooring system will bring numerous benefits for both employees and visitors.

  • An interesting fact that is worth mentioning is that according to a recent research, the cost of maintenance is estimated to be over 85% of the total lifecycle cost of commercial London flooring. However, if you install an entrance floor, cleaning expenses will be greatly reduced – this is the perfect solution for facilities working on a tight budget. There are different systems – believe it or not, some of them can reduce cleaning time by almost 70%!
  • Entrance flooring systems prevent dirt and moist from being tracked into the building – London flooring professionals point out that in the long run, it will optimise the wear as well as contribute to preserving the good looks of the appearance of the interior floor coverings. However, this is not the most important aspect of installing an entrance flooring system – such system will minimise the risks of slips and falls. Providing visitors and employees with a safe environment and contributing to their well-being is crucial for every office building.
  • London flooring experts explain that a standard from the International Well Building Institute states that a healthy entrance should be provided as occupants often track hazardous substances and contaminants indoors. They include heavy metals, bacteria, pesticides and other toxins. The need for taking measures of minimising or preventing the introduction of potentially dangerous substances to indoor premises is vital. An esteemed London flooring company points out that one of the most efficient ways to combat this potentially harmful outcome is installing permanent entrance flooring systems.
  • What is the standard recommendation for the use of these systems? If the area in the office building is for light use, at least two metres of the system should be provided. If the entrance is busy, the system can be up to seven metres. London flooring professionals point out that a general rule of thumb is that the more matting used, the more efficient the system is. Without any doubt, options such as coir matting or loose matting will not do the job for busy entrances. In a matter of facts, health and safety experts advise against the use of loose lay mats because they are not very effective and can introduce a range of hazards.

To conclude, we should say that working with a reliable flooring manufacturer is recommended as you will be able to gain exceptional advice and guidance on the right entrance flooring systems. Being able to make a well-informed decision is guarantees success for the project you are working on!

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