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Keep The Wooden Floor In Perfect Shape This Winter

During winter, all of us like our homes to be warm and cosy inside. We usually turn up the heat or light the fireplace and always pay attention to tightly close the door each time. Yet, this decreases the air humidity significantly which, on the other hand, make the wooden floor suffer.

The ideal indoor humidity level is between 45 and 65%, which is perfect both for you and the wooden floor. Should the humidity be lower, your wooden floor will shrink or even worst – crack. On the other hand, if the level is too high it might expand. So our best advice is to have a hygrometer so you can measure this easily.

Here are some more tips to gauge the relative humidity:

1: Install a humidifier

This is a very effective device that can help you maintain the humidity within the perfect rate during winter. The water tank must be refilled weekly and that is the only condition to make it work perfectly

2: Ventilate often

Especially on the rainy days, open windows and doors for at least a quarter of an hour. This may not be that attractive, but is an easy way to increase the indoor humidity. In freezingly cold weather, this is not recommended as outside the humidity level is also low.

3: Care for air-purifying plants

Some plants not only create a cosy atmosphere and generate oxygen, but even purify the air. They convert CO2 into oxygen, which improves the humidity in the house. Some of our suggestions are:

  • Spider plant
  • Pilae
  • English ivy

The wooden floor, just like any other aspect of the interior needs care and maintenance. This is especially valid in extreme weather conditions, where there is a huge difference in the temperatures in and out.