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Keep Your Data Safe From Fraudulence

London flooring contractors point out that there is a real big issue concerning the safety of consumer’s data as many people neglect to keep their private details protected. Every person should know how to secure their data and personal information – flooring specialists in London say that when people shop online or when they are not careful with utility bills or payslips, there is a big chance of dealing with the problem of ID theft. Below you will find some tips that our reliable London flooring company share to their customers:

  • Don’t forget to apply for a copy of your credit file – regularly check for unauthorised activity and act quickly if you notice something suspicious. This is also valid when you check your bank statements – see if they respond to your receipts. Keep in mind that you should shred bills, statements and direct mail that include personal details before you trash them and redirect your mail when you move.
  • London flooring contractors warn that the most common case of stealing identity is when you are not careful with your wallet or handbag – credit card receipts, bank statements and driving license reveal information that combined can get you in a bad scenario in the face of fraudsters.
  • Needless to say but make your passwords and PIN as secure as possible – an easy to guess combination is not recommended. Flooring specialists in London say that this is of great importance if you use online banking. Don’t forget to log out of the websites rather than simply closing the tab. Don’t share your PIN under any circumstances or store it on your electronic device such as tablet, smartphone or laptop.
  • Have in mind that you should do a factory reset on the electronic devices when trading them. When you are disposing your old computer ensure you have removed any personal information from the hard drive and provide your current computer with an adequate anti-virus protection.

These were some of the must-know tips when it comes to protecting your personal data provided by a reputable London flooring company.

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