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Know-How’s in Installing Carpet Tiles

You have definitely encountered carpet tiles at least once, mostly in commercial properties. In some facilities thousands of people walk in and out during the day on them walking the same paths and taking high-traffic areas to the extreme, yet they still manage to look fascinating. The Flooring Group is here to discover a secret to this from an installer’s point of view. Why do London flooring companies bother with placing carpeted tiles over just installing a large carpet to cover the entire floor? Let’s find out!

  • They are easily installed and replaced by technicians
  • Fresh solution to every commercial property, as they come in all kinds of sizes, colours and patterns
  • Protects subfloor surface from damage and makes a good isolation

Even though we mentioned that they are easily replaced doesn’t mean that they can move around and get displaced like carpets tend to. Our London floor experts have come up with a solution for this one as well, securing a fixated surface thanks to the development of modern adhesives. The specialists know to chose a “tackifier” among the adhesives, as usually they are made specifically for carpet tiles. The tackifier differs from regular adhesives used in flooring, they tend to fixate the subfloor to the surface applied on top, as the tackifier just manages to resist the movement of the carpet tile. The London floor professionals explain that it is a water-based product containing polymers which remain on the subfloor even after the moisture evaporates providing its steadiness but also can be easily removed if necessary. This final product had an extensive and complex development, which we are not going to challenge you today. Before installing carpet tiles you need to make sure you have purchased a quality product, usually poorly made ones just curl their ends and it is difficult to vacuum them after, not to mention that you can trip on them and fall. Preferably they should be made and installed by the same company, as everything needs to be compatible to look great. Installers should be cautious when purchasing tackifier and understand the difference between it and an adhesive. Make sure to visit one of our London flooring stores, you will find more information about our products there, provided by our helpful representatives on sight.

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