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Know Your Grinders!

In this article, you will get acquainted with single as well as multi-head grinders and polishers as it is of great importance to distinguish the differences between them. London flooring professionals point out say that this area in becoming very popular and has enormous potential. However, along with that it may be confusing as well. Let`s talk about the number of heads a polisher or grinder needs – if we are speaking technically, skillful London flooring professionals can do almost any job using any machine. Let’s see the general facts about the capabilities of polishers and grinders.

  • Single-head grinder – when London flooring professionals have to work on tight workspaces or are faced a hard-to-access project, you should know that this is a job for a machine with one head. When a place that can’t be easily reached should be grinded, these machines are perfect as they get closer to walls and edges. They are considered general-purpose machine as they don’t specialise in a specific aspect of the surface preparation. A drawback that should be mentioned is that the achieving of a uniform scratch pattern is more challenging.
  • Double-head grinder – needless to say, it covers twice as much as the single-head grinder and when London flooring experts point out that when a project should be done in a quicker time-frame they are really convenient. Surface preparation and grinding in general is where this grinder is best.
  • Three-head grinder polisher – this machine is great for multifaceted London flooring contractors as they make regular use of it. Planetary floor grinders work great as they cover the surface evenly and their scratch pattern is controlled with more ease than the single-head and double-head grinders. This three-head planetary machine has higher down pressure than the ones that have more heads. London flooring experts explain that the weight of the machine is spread only in three places which helps to make the process more consistent. As a consequence, such machine is more aggressive on a heavy surface and can be not that efficient for a prep project. Due to its nature, working with it all day can be very exhausting because of the constantly pulling of the machine in one direction.
  • Four-head grinder polisher – this machine meets the needs of London flooring contractors that work on very large projects and tight deadlines. Because of the uniform scratch pattern that this polisher leaves behind it has the potential to offer better polishing qualities. This is achieved because the four heads work two by two in opposite directions which allows greater control and decreases the London flooring professionals` fatigue.
  • Five-plus grinder polisher – such machines are specialised and this inevitably comes with a high price. This is why London flooring contractors should know why exactly they are spending this amount of money on this particular polisher.

A reputable London flooring company points out that having more heads doesn’t mean having more value. Many considerations should be taken into account and when you know is the situation you are or will be dealing with, you will be able to make the right decision.

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