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Laminate Floor Maintenance

The Flooring Group has made a quick guide to help keep your laminate floor clean.

Sweeping Technique

The best is using a vacuum cleaner or a dry dust mop. Avoid the traditional brooms as much as possible. Not only do they leave a lot of particles behind, but when mixed with a wet mop they will spread all over the floor. Use only a vacuum with a hard floor setting or with a brush roll on/off button.

Use the proper Floor Cleaner

Buying an expensive floor cleaner is not necessarily the correct way to go. Choose a cleaning liquid that works with the type of floor you have. Mix well with water and make sure to not leave any residue, which will dull the finish of your laminate.

Use Water carefully

Do not use too much water. Ensure that the mop is semi-wet at best. Water and any other liquid spills will cause the boards to swell, which will eventually damage the floor. Drain the mop of the water carefully.

Buff it Up

To ensure the laminate floor shines and sparkles, you need to buff the floor dry. A mop head or an absorbent cloth work best for that. Microfiber cleaning cloths are also a terrific option. Buff gently until you get a nice and smooth shine.


And finally – protecting the floor. Make sure to do so to ensure it keeps looking great. Place outdoor and indoor mats at all the entrances of the home. Wipe the spills as soon as they happen. Buy furniture protectors.

Quick and easy and life changing. That is all it takes to have a good looking laminate floor.