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London Flooring Experts Advise On Preventing Back Ache

Low back pain and injuries are usually related to the inappropriate manual handling at workplace. London flooring specialists share their experience as the floor-laying is a business strongly affected by handling injuries caused by different tasks as lifting, pushing and pulling loads, carrying, etc. The injuries that are results of working in a flooring companies include sprains, strains, different cuts from sharp objects and trapped fingers. London flooring contractors say that manual handling injuries causes nearly one fourth of all reported injuries.

Some of the things every flooring manager should do are enlisted below.

  • A manager should think about his employees. Our London flooring company is aware that anyone who is known to have a back injury or any other existing problem should be given a particular attention.
  • Another essential element of keeping the chances of injuries low is to assess any likely risks from the tasks that are done in a flooring company.Our experienced London flooring experts advise that tasks involving twisting, holding loads away from the body, long carrying distances or arduous pushing and pulling should be put under consideration.
  • Important thing that should not be neglected is providing the appropriate lifting aids to your workers. Flooring specialists in London suggest that every considerate employer should make sure their employees have enough recovery time and avoid letting tasks be done by hand if loads are too heavy, difficult to grasp or unstable.
  • Where the work is taking place should not be negligent as some situations may increase the risk of falling or strain on the body. Our reliable London flooring company ensures that there are no slippery or obstructed floors, poor lighting and extreme temperature conditions or restrictive movement from protective equipment.
  • In order to provide suitable working environment for their workers, flooring experts in London say that employers should consider using mechanical lifting aids so materials are delivered directly to the point of use. Such devices are different hoists, conveyors and cranes.
  • Crucial regulation that should be respected is making loads smaller and lighter so they can be lifted easily. Advice from flooring contractors in London is using pre-mixed mortar or concrete pumps instead of mixing on site. The materials should be kept dry so they don’t gain additional weight or be slippery when handled.
  • However, it is not always possible risks to be fully prevented. Therefore our London flooring company recommends providing sufficient room for the work. Heavy items are better to be kept at waist height, so the workers don’t have to bend to get the materials. Items that are frequently used or light can be stored on the floor.
  • Every workplace should be kept clean and tidy. Our dependable flooring specialists in London point out that adequate lighting should be provided so employees see what are they doing.
  • In order to achieve best results at our high-quality flooring company in London we make sure our workers rest and rotate if needed and provide trainings tailored for the specific tasks. Decent supervision is necessary as well.
  • The proper maintenance of the lifting aids is essential and they should be examined regularly.
  • London flooring experts say that floor-laying and construction workers have some of the highest estimated prevalence of handling injuries which are often termed as Musculoskeletal disorders.They include injuries of tendons and muscles, such as sprains and strains. The symptoms are discomfort, pain and aching, swelling and numbness. Workers who suffer these have reduced ability to do tasks and may undergo long-term pain.

To prevent your hard-working employees from any risks at the workplace, make sure you are following the professional advice of our London flooring company stated above.

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