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Loose Lay LVT Provides Cosy And Comforting Environment In Hotels!

When a hotel is designed a lot of aspects should be taken into consideration – most of the people think that the most important part is the aesthetic view but London flooring experts say that a hotel should be also peaceful on the ears. This is why it is really important to know the importance of specifying the different floorcoverings that provide sufficient sound reduction level as well as looks of the latest trends.

London flooring contractors know that the style and design of a hotel are normally aspects of a greater importance for hoteliers. Creating a delightful environment is a must because it will guarantee that the guests will potentially return. However, flooring specialists in London point out that in order to achieve a pleasing environment the sound in every hotel environment should be controlled. There are two basic types of sound that have to be managed – impact sound and airborne sound.

  • Noise such as music or talking is considered airborne sound. Impact sound is the noise that comes from appliances and footfall that are placed on the ground level. London flooring experts explain that both of them can be controlled if a proper floorcovering with a good impact noise reduction is installed. The main area that needs to be kept to a lowest amount of unnecessary noise is the reception foyer – everyone knows how important is the first impression in the hospitality field!
  • What’s the best flooring option for a hotel area? London flooring specialists point out that loose lay LVT (which stands for Luxury Vinyl Tile) can achieve efficient balance between the enhanced acoustics and performance and in the same time being aesthetically appealing. Experienced flooring company in London explains that loose lay LVT is better in terms of acoustic rating than standard LVT. The fact that the collections available are designed to answer the the latest London flooring trends make them even better – loose lay LVT can provide realistic and striking designs that give the feeling of well-being.
  • London flooring professionals say that loose lay LVT is not only suitable for this particular type of application – they are good choice for apart hotel style accommodations. Such rooms are tailored to create a cosy sense for business people that want to have the comfort that home offers when they are away on their work trips. These rooms usually have a mini kitchen. For that reason hoteliers choose for such types of rooms to move away from the typical carpet. A realible London flooring company explains that they require a London flooring solution that is easy to clean and prevents the passage of sound from different appliances and is also suitable for the mini kitchenette that may face drink and food spills. Hoteliers seek for a floorcovering that provides modern appeal that will complement the soft furniture of the rooms. Due to the realistic designs they can offer London flooring contractors are able to create numerous combinations and this is why LVT ranges are usually designed to be appropriate for apart-hotel rooms.

It’s really important that hoteliers point out the specific area where the floorcovering should be installed so the London flooring contractors know what type would be the most suitable for the individual case. Another important aspect is that respected flooring contractors in London should keep in touch with esteemed manufacturers so they are up-to-date with the new building legislation and regulations for the leisure and hospitality sector.

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