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Luxury Vinyl For The Kitchen – Why Not?

Why is it preferred?

For endless reasons! Firstly, the flooring is highly durable and can used for many years.

Secondly, vinyl floors of superior design and features never compromise on looks. So, this way customers have a floor that looks stunning and works efficiently.

No matter the preference – the natural look and warmth of solid wood or the elegant and stylish feeling of natural stone, vinyl has it all to meet and exceed the expectations!

High-quality vinyl floors can take the sharp ends of knives, glass splinters, spills and splashes with such ease and efficiency. Thus customers can enjoy cooking with no worries of damaging the floors.

The Waterproofing Ability

Vinyl floors are being manufactured using high-end flooring technologies. They come with a waterproof vinyl core and a water-resistant vinyl backing layer.
Also, the high-standard vinyl floors always have a protective moisture-resistant seal as well.

Long-Term Easy Maintenance

No one wants to spend half the day cooking and then the other half cleaning the mess. Here is where vinyl proves time- efficient and maintenance-friendly.

The high-quality vinyl floors, have a protective layer, with usually ultra-effective PU coating, and an extremely tough top layer, and this combination protects from daily scratches, stains and dirt.

Comfort of Vinyl Flooring Tiles

The major efficiency of vinyl floors is the comfort they provide underfoot for long periods of time. This is mainly due to the strong impact-absorbing core layer. Another advantage is the highly realistic design, mimicking real wood or stone,or anything else the customer wants.

Even though vinyl might be expensive, such floors give no room for complaints and offer complete peace of mind.