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Make A Room Lighter And Brighter

The white paint and uncluttered windows are not the only way to let more sunshine in a room. Let The FLooring group list down some ideas on how to do that differently.

Make the most of the top light
Top light is way brighter than daylight from the windows and if there’s an opportunity to install a roof light go for it.

Use colour to get the light correctly
The first step to that is to abandon all thoughts of bulky curtains and Ditch Roman blinds, too. Shutters can be a fab choice, but make sure to pick ones in a pale or warm colour so the daylight that filters through glows.

Paint the floor white as well
Everybody knows a white ceiling can make a room seem higher, and white walls will make it feel larger. One white floor added to that equation and the lightening and brightening effect will be maximised. Also, the white-painted floorboards are one affordable option, if you are on a budget.

Choose reflective objects
Choosing the furniture in mirrored glass or a high-gloss metal will help to bounce tons of lovely light around. The light-reflecting qualities of furniture will also provide the freedom to introduce shades that are moodier.

Position the mirrors strategically
Everyone can up the light levels in even the brightest room with huge, floor-to-ceiling or wall-to-wall mirrors. The best place to put them is on an adjacent not opposite wall to the window. Thus it will bounce maximum light around and create a space-enhancing effect.

Opt for low-level furniture
The taller and bulkier the furniture is, the more light it will block. That is why choose low-slung pieces and the room will feel instantly brighter.

The Flooring Group solutes all creative ideas is letting more light indoors.