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Make The Carpet Print Your Friend

The reasons to choose carpet are plenty, but most customers opt for it when it seems like the only practical option. Nonetheless, it still remains the warm option, the fits-the-room option and the sound-proofing option. But can it bring more to the room, than just that?

Beautiful colours, patterns and texture can dramatically boost the decorative aspect of a room. The Flooring Group will show a few major points to focus on.

Bring a colourful bouquet in
A nice floral carpet can look contemporary and bold in all the right ways. The walls must be left plain to avoid pattern overload, and a team with furniture both sleek and modern in shape will do the rest of the work. The key is to stick to small touches rather than large pieces and bring in different motifs. Alternatively, a more bold option will be to pick other florals in clashing shades for a more boho feel.

All the shades
The carpet in a bedroom can look luxurious if it is in a subtle colour – a part of a toning palette of greys, for example, which will make the interior very restful. A nice motif will make its presence felt as the carpet catches light.

Follow the stripes
A striped carpet has the potential to visually change the dimensions of a room. The room may appear longer or narrower depending on the directions of the stripes. This effect is often sought after in bedrooms.

Zig – zag
A geometric motif in tonal shades adds a lively detail on a staircase or landing, especially when set against sober panelled walls. It’s always worth considering patterned carpet for hallways, stairs and landings, aiming to give them more decorative personality. Narrow spaces in particular, have little possibility for furniture, so it is best to play with the flooring.

No matter the final choice The Flooring Group has the shades, patterns and all the top manufacturers to make your dream home possible. Browse our carpet selection and choose the type that suits you best.