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Make the Right Adhesive Choice

In this article, London flooring professionals will give you some advice on selecting the right adhesive. As there are so many different types available it can be really tricky for London flooring contractors to choose the most suitable one for their current project. Yet, there are three main things they should have in mind so they can select the right adhesive every time. No one that claims to be a professional in the industry wants to hear that a project that they have worked on has failed even if this happens months or years following its completion. There are many factors that can greatly contribute to an unsuccessful flooring installation. Some of them are beyond control yet London flooring experts say that there are plenty of ways to minimise the potential risk. Choosing the correct adhesive is of crucial importance for ensuring a healthy lifespan of a London flooring solution. In order to avoid costly remedial work, check out our pieces of advice:

  • You should consider the environmental conditions – there is no universal solution to choosing the right flooring adhesives as each project has its own specific requirements in terms of environmental conditions. When there is a dramatic change in the temperature or other abnormal weather activities carefully consider them and choose a specialist adhesive. For instance, installing floorcoverings in an area that is subject to humidity it is absolutely necessary to choose an adhesive with water-resistant properties as otherwise it may debond.
  • Always have in mind the type of floorcovering that is being installed – once you are aware of the environmental conditions, you should consider the type of flooring as there are different types of adhesives available for different floor coverings. If you fail to comply the choice with the specific type of floorcovering this may result in a costly laborious work to fix the London flooring solution. This is especially important for vinyl tile and sheet products and plasticised PVC-backed carpets. In these cases only recommended adhesives must be used as otherwise, it will be significantly more difficult to replace a carpet tile if it gets damaged or torn. Don’t choose a random adhesive as this may be the reason why it won’t cope with the demands of the certain flooring type.
  • Last but not least, make the most of recommended adhesive guides – London flooring experts say that the best way to choose the right adhesive is to refer to a manufacturer’s guide of adhesive compatibility. These contain information about which adhesives are compatible with the floorcoverings and the substrate as well as some other types of bonds that can be done with each adhesive. Distinguished manufacturers always ensure the reliability and quality of their products. They also regularly test compatibility between floorcoverings and adhesives to keep the guides up-to-date.

Take your time to choose the right adhesive before you install the floorcovering. This is the only way to decrease the chances of floor failure. London flooring experts highly recommend contacting the flooring manufacturer and consult before you proceed with the project!

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