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Make Your Showroom Stand Out!

Every London flooring company knows that having an attractive showroom is of utmost importance as this is the only way to catch the eye of designers, contractors and consumers and close successfully a sale. In this article, we will look at the trend insights that will help to generate flooring business.

  • To start with, we should discuss the fact that an average end-consumer will spend some time online before coming to your London flooring showroom. He or she will also look at some magazines and catalogues for some ideas and advice. However, if you are dealing with busy tradesmen, they are most likely to stop by and get their regular brand or check your latest special offers and buy some of these London flooring solutions. What does that mean? If you want to be a successful retailer, you should handle this challenging job of creating a showroom that is appealing to everyone who visits it.
  • A very important aspect which London flooring professionals point out is that you should choose the brands which you want to sell very carefully. Finding a good balance between the cherry-picking solutions and top-selling products on display is a must. If you succeed in doing this, your customers will be able to find both popular products as well as to get inspired by new products and see what is currently on-trend.
  • London flooring experts say that a good place to start is by going after the latest trends so the solutions your customers see are the same colour, style and material as the ones that appear in consumer press and the latest interior design TV shows. You can ask your London flooring supplier for some help so you can show something new and exciting to your customers.
  • A mainstream trend is open-plan living – interiors in which areas blend into one another are preferred by both designers and consumers. Of course, the choice of flooring solution plays a significant role in creating the desired look. London flooring specialists recommend relying on wooden flooring as it can flow smoothly to achieve different zones in the premises. For instance, oak floors are popular because they are timeless. A major trend right now is the application of matt finish – consumers are happy to experiment with different colours and textures for their London flooring. Smoked and scraped wood effects and grey tones are also growing in popularity.
  • What retailers say is that more and more customers now prefer to rely on open plan homes than streamlined and ultra-sleek look – they want to create a more relaxed feel. For that reason herringbone parquet designs are trendy as they provide the desired design for both traditional and contemporary interiors. Another thing that London flooring specialists share is that multiply and engineered wood flooring have grown steadily because they are compatible with underfloor heating. Research shows that self-builders and new build developers are using underfloor heating in order to add value to properties.
  • So, what you should do in order to make the best out of your showroom? Including a dedicated area for specific purposes such as the aforementioned ones will enable London flooring business owners to demonstrate that he/ she has expertise on the subject. It will be great for the reputation of the business as customers will have an easy access to guidance and with some recommendations from the knowledgeable staff, a well-informed decision can be made. Having the showroom updated and rotated occasionally will keep it fresh and interesting. Dark corners shouldn`t be left with the same products placed there – if there are London flooring solutions that are not that sought, place them in an area where people will be able to notice them easily. The golden rule of retail is that customers buy what they see. Don’t forget to include the latest trends such as parquet and herringbone designs. Another essential aspect is to provide helpful literature for customers to take away and browse through it at home in order to make their final decision – offering brochures is a must!

Having the aforementioned tips in mind, every London flooring company will guarantee success for its showrooms and a healthy flow of customers to make the business flourish!

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