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Making Profit Out of Recycling?

The Flooring Group would like to introduce you to a challenge that was set by Carpet Recycling UK for London flooring companies, carpet manufacturers and everyone related to this industry, who wishes to make the step in the right direction. Until now recycling has always been associated with going that extra mile for something that doesn’t really pay off, except for it’s main cause of course. But what if we tell you that this can be both helpful for the environment and you can gain some coin in the process. Let’s find out how.

After the challenge has gained some popularity, the director of Carpet Recycling UK has received numerous enquiries from London flooring companies and others major firms located in the UK. Scoring some green points for the image of the company, while saving both financial and physical resources and leaving a satisfied customer from the whole process! Sounds great, but how exactly do you achieve that?

The whole system works in favor of both sides, it benefits the customer with removal and disposal of the worn-off old carpet and providing a discount from the installation of a new one, while the company obtains more material for new carpets without having to spend anything. We aren’t going to occupy your mind with numbers, but large retailers tend to spend up to spend more than £500 per month for disposal, while they can just reap the benefits. Carpet Recycling UK’s “carpet crushing” machine can save even more finances designated for travel expenses, further reducing pollution and increasing savings. “There are plenty of successful examples”, claim many London flooring professionals.

The Flooring Group fully supports this ambitious project, which pursues a better environment and future for your local London flooring companies and our children. Our goal in inspiring more business owners and decision makers is a must, as ideas like this one should be massively encouraged.

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