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Marmoleum Is A Green Inspiration

There is a common misconception that sustainable floorcoverings are unappealing. However, there are products that are on the market which allow London flooring contractors to create unique flooring designs. They achieve that with the help of colour, texture and installation directions. Of course, this all should be done while meeting the environmental brief of the customer! London flooring professionals reveal how sustainable can be translated into creative. The portfolios created by flooring manufacturers, you can see that there are green floorcoverings that are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, textures and colours.

  • Let’s discuss Marmoleum. London flooring experts explain that this resilient flooring consists of 97% natural raw materials. It includes linseed oil, wood flour, rosin, limestone and jute. London flooring contractors can greatly benefit from it as they are enabled to create alluring floor designs with its help. Linear designs seem to remain the prime trend – this is why some Marmoleum collections incorporate the design so that London flooring contractors can meet the needs and demands of the customers.
  • Some people want a minimalistic environment to be achieved so contractors are now able to choose between different palettes of earthy colours consisting of grey shades and warm tones. In cases, when a more captivating aesthetic should be created, there are now collections that have an embossed linear design which includes abstract wide surfaces. When a customer desires a more abstract interior, London flooring contractors can still offer them great options in vibrant tones such as sunshine yellows and peacock blues. As there are some clients that want just a flash of colours, there are flooring designs that have a neutral backdrop with flashes of vivid colours.
  • Another great feature is that Marmoleum floorcovering is available in a sheet format which means that shapes can be cut into it. London flooring contractors can create unique flooring designs that can facilitate defining spaces. Marmoleum can create so many effects – its versatility makes it the perfect London flooring solution.

Providing clients with sustainable and in the same time contemporary flooring designs is a mission possible now. Being environmentally conscious, contractors should work only with reputable flooring manufacturers that provide a warranty of their quality product!

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