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MODUL’UP T.E. – Adhesive-Free Damp Subfloor Solution By Forbo

Damp subfloors can cause a lot of issues and current solutions on the market are complex and expensive not to mention time-consuming. Forbo Flooring has now launched a new economical, hassle-free and easy to install solution, which allows for installation directly over damp subfloors. 


In 2018 Forbo launched its adhesive-free vinyl sheet collection and has further developed this new version created for installation over damp subfloors, Modul’Up T.E, which has up to 97% RH. The result delivers all advantages of the Modul’up compact range as well as the benefit of the Aqua Block embossed layer, which allows direct loose lay installation over damp floors.  The aqua block layer enables the subfloor to breathe and directs moisture to the periphery of the room, rather than through the floor covering itself as it can cause damage.


The collection also features especially designed and easy to fit skirting, which allows moisture to dissipate correctly in a room. The Modul’Up T.E installation is also brought down to a minimum as the floor needs no adhesive and the floor is ready for use as soon as it is installed. 


The range is available in six contemporary designs with either wood or mineral embossed finish which can satisfy any interior design requirement.