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Narrow Floorboards? Why Not!

Laminate floors that are printed to look like floorboards are becoming more and more widespread but they can`t bring the exact appeal that a real wood could. London flooring contractors say that floorboards are still in fashion – let`s see some more details about them, particularly, the width they should have.

  • Floorboards can be made from softwood or hardwood. Of course, there is a price difference as a result of that. However, this is not the main subject – considering the boards you fit is more important. Back in time, floorboards used to be about 10-12 inches wide. Nowadays, such dimensions are hard to obtain. A reason that London flooring specialists point out why these wider boards are not a popular London flooring solution now is because of the use of central heating. An esteemed London flooring company explains that wider boards are prone to ‘cupping’ which translates into curling up across the width.
  • Why do more people in the UK need to rely on narrower boards? London flooring experts give an example with Scandinavia – they incorporate narrower floorboards in their everyday life and has a good reason behind it. Even though people are used to using wider boards, they should adopt the idea of using narrower ones for good. Because seasonal moisture content changes happen often, in Scandinavia, people tend to choose narrower boards to avoid cupping. However, another good reason that London flooring professionals point out is that narrow boards give another aspect of aesthetically pleasing. The whole image seems to be more attractive and the flooring solution is eye-pleasing.

There is a tendency which London flooring contractors have noticed – these days, a lot of floorboards are made from spruce (white wood). However, many people still prefer pine (redwood) as the knots are more appealing. We should say that aesthetic appearance is very subjective yet if you compare these two flooring solutions, you will see that the pine flooring provides unique looks – consider your options carefully before you make your decision!

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