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Commercial Flooring News

Nora Systems Launches The New NoraPlan Signa

Nora Floor Coverings provide high-quality natural and industrial rubbers, mixed with natural minerals and other components like eco-friendly colourings, which are then pulled into blanks, pressed and vulcanized under high heat and pressure. The elastic property of the materials of the floors prevent the use of any plasticizers and thanks to the subsequent crosslinking of the cleanguard by nora, the surface is dense and closed without the use of additional film or varnish. This means that you do not need to coat the surface, even after years of service, it will still look like new.


Key Features 

  • Good for heavy everyday usage
  • High noise absorption (6-8dB)
  • Slip resistance of R9 / R10
  • Free of plastic, plasticizers, and halogens
  • Fire-resistant properties
  • Jointless installation
  • No additional coating required


All rubber floorings are with a changing base colour, which consists of 3 perfectly matched colour additives and characteristic granule inclusions.


Using the highly adaptable, multipurpose design of noraplan signa, you can connect every indoor space and create calm as well as safe space. Start with the universal benefit of longlasting, high-performance rubber flooring, add your range of accessories and create a completely flexible and balanced result. Select the colour most suitable for the facility and in the process to create something unique. Noraplan signa provides virtually limitless possibilities for each and every space with the unique universal appeal and high-quality performance of the products.


Available formats are in sheets and tiles. Sheets come with a thickness of 2.0mm with dimensions of 1.22m by 15.0m, 3.00mm thickness with dimensions of 1.22m by 12.0m, and thickness of around 2.1mm with dimensions of 1.22m by 14.8m.

All come with profile connection dimension: D + A or D+U

Tiles come with a thickness of 2.00mm and 3.00mm with dimensions of 610mm by 610mm with profile connection dimensions: A + U or D + U