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Oil And Lacquer Treatments Are Recommended For Wooden Floorings

London flooring contractors share, that wooden floors in commercial and domestic environments show problems over time in particular areas. Here are more details:

  • When it comes to kitchen floorings, London flooring experts have noticed that they get worn in some specialised areas – in front of the sink and in front of the oven. As a result of food preparation, there are splashes from cooking oil, contaminants and water. When this dirtiness is taken under tables and chairs, it will damage the floor surface.
  • London flooring contractors claim, that when there is no appropriate coating the surface will retain more filth and more efficient cleaning procedures will be necessary.
  • When it comes to London commercial flooring and not only, sanitising of oiled surfaces with normal detergents is not appropriate. The natural oil of wood will be damaged and as a result the surface will become susceptible to more contamination and spilled liquids. Therefore every London flooring company recommends higher level of floor maintenance in these areas. These procedures comprise re-application of wood finishes and special oils.
  • London flooring specialists are convinced, that without a quality and durable coating, it’s impossible to protect the surface from scratches and dirtiness. Using appropriate mats with suitable sizes is also mandatory.
  • London flooring contractors recommend lacquer treatments instead of hardwax oils. When it comes to entrance and kitchen areas, these lacquer treatments will perform much better than other London flooring solutions.
  • London flooring experts add, that the thickness of the coating is also very important factor when it comes to floor protection. London flooring specialists often apply a polyurethane maintainer. It allows consequent layers of polish and lacquer without need of sanding.
  • London flooring contractors claim, that wooden stair treads are also a challenge for various floor treatments. The reason is the so called scuffing which happens as a result of usage of the stairs. London flooring specialists think that stair treads should get a robust specification as in entrance halls and kitchens, with an application of additional coating of lacquer. London flooring experts explain, that a primer coat on the bare wood should be applied and then followed by three topcoat applications.

London flooring contractors conclude that those floorings which are treated with special oil will require less maintenance in comparison with those in entrance spaces and kitchens. When it comes to bathrooms, there may be applied some specialised finishes with anti-slip properties and low moisture permeability.

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