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Oil Or Lacquer – That Is The Question

Today, we will talk about lacquer and oil and how to make a well-informed decision when we have to choose one of them. London flooring experts point out that it becomes harder to make a straightaway decision as the choice is bigger than ever. When the market is so far-ranging, making the right choice turns out to be a challenging process. This choice comes with responsibility in terms of education – the emphasis is put on the maintenance of commercial premises.

  • Most modern London hardwood flooring solutions have an oil or lacquer prefinish. We should know that they are both appropriate options for domestic and commercial application. However, they have different repair and maintenance regimes. Let`s outline their differences.
  • Let’s start with lacquer. During the process, it is applied to the surface of the board and then UV cured in order to harden. Lacquer seals the timber. On the other hand, oil is applied and then it is left to cure naturally. London flooring professionals explain that oil strengthens the fibres of the timber by ingressing the wood grain. Very often lacquer is said to be more durable yet this isn’t always the case.
  • If we compare them in a short to medium term, London flooring experts lacquered flooring is easier to maintain as the sealed surface is cleaned effectively. However, in a longer term this floor may be more difficult to spot repair. What about the oiled London flooring solutions? They require a little bit more maintenance as you have to replenish oil from time to time. Yet, over the years the protection builds up as the surface is not sealed, therefore, it will be easier to spot repair.
  • In fact, both of these types of finish can provide incredible durability. London flooring experts recommend giving an additional coat of prefinish in high traffic areas. Before the application, have in mind that the surface should be lightly keyed, clean and finished must be only applied with the recommended tools for this purpose.
  • London flooring specialists warn specifiers – they should be aware that inferior finishes accompany a lot of problems. They provide little scratch resistance and can look too ‘plastic’ if too many layers are applied. Another thing to have in mind is that incompatibility between lacquer and a stain can result in breaking down of the finish. The surface will be patchy and difficult to maintain.

Quality oil and lacquer prefinishes offer incredible durability but you should not underestimate the fact that wood is a natural material. Providing your London flooring solution with the necessary care will keep it looking good for longer!

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