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Open-Plan Space Alternatives

Open-plans have been one of the biggest trends in recent decades. Indeed, knocking walls can create a sense of space, or light and sociability or fluidity, but it is not for everyone. Those layouts can reduce privacy and quiet spots. So The Flooring Group has included a few optional alternatives.


Get the broken-plan

Broken-plan means keeping all the things people love about open-plan, while also letting the rooms retain an element of privacy or specific use. Done by dividing the overall space more subtly, such as using half walls, or smart shelving, or split levels, etc. Thus creating break-out zones for privacy and relaxing, it could turn in a perfect possibility to hold onto an appealing sense of light and space and escape different distractions.


Save the light

In a broken-plan space, an open shelving unit will allow the light to filter through and help to retain a sense of connectivity between all adjacent rooms.


Divide with a window

Another way to increase the light flow is to install internal windows, especially appropriate for a home office.


Use markers to subtly separate living and dining areas

One small trick, such as two or three steps between areas, can be all it needs to provide that crucial mental and physical separation.


The half-wall

It might be a bit old-school, but one half-wall between a dining area and kitchen can retain a visual block from the chaos and odour of cooking when others are enjoying a meal.


Widen the doorway with a skylight

In a broken-plan scheme, one wide opening can be a very effective compromise. And skylights are another way to add a huge injection of natural light and an overall sense of space.


Be creative, think cosy and be inspired

A well-placed TV or a fireplace wall can be the trick. Never stop experimenting.