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Organics Design Collection By Harvey Maria

The Organics Design Collection combines a soothing stone effect with a square within a square motif and is introduced by Harvey Maria. The collection has eight unique LVT’s from a four shaded palette. Every design is created to a stunning visual contrast between the inner square and the edge using the seamless shadow detail.


Harvey Maria’s Organics Stone Range – Natural, Portland, Jurassic and Cambrian are used to replicate the Organics Design. Four of the designs are with a dark inner square and light border, the other four have a light inner square with a dark border. When laid alternately, the geometric design is said to create an almost 3D illusion. When a single colour is repeated, the tiles reportedly form a mini cube effect. Other designs can be created by mixing pain and patterned tiles, and by combining them with single shade tiles from the Organics Stone Range.


Organics Design tiles measure 30.50 square centimetres while Organics Stone tiles are larger and measure 30.50 by 45.70 centimetres.


All designs come with bevelled edges and are said to be able to be laid in different settings, including wet rooms and over floor heating installations.