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Painted Or Carpeted Stairs

As usual, the stairs are under a lot of traffic, so what is the best way to treat them? Carpet and runners offer sound insulation and feel soft, while the painted stairs belong to a crisp aesthetic, and are more easy to keep clean. Check out the following inspiring selection that The Flooring Group has gathered to help make the correct choice.

Carpet with an intricate pattern
Putting down a carpet or runner with a complex pattern onto the stairs is definitely easier than trying to paint one on. Stripes are the traditional favourite, but sometimes a striking pattern against a soft grey backdrop may look exciting and original.

Paint the funky striped risers
Painting the risers, leaving the treads, creates an unusual take on a painted staircase and can produce an effect that is impossible to create with carpet.

A luxury underfoot
Soft carpet feels great on bare feet and it works well on the stairs, pampering the toes as the climb is on. If you are concerned that a neutral runner lacks design oomph, take a leaf out of this staircase’s book and pick a runner with a border to create strong lines running upstairs.

Carpet is suitable for children
Fully carpeting the stairs provides them with a neat, uniform look. It is also a good option in homes with children, who tend to be up and down stairs, as that offers the best sound insulation, and provides extra cushioning.

Paint for a crisp minimalism
Painted in white stairs or banisters look clean and crisp, especially if that is teamed with stripped floors in very pale wood. Cleaning a stair carpet requires pulling a hover up while balancing it on the treads, which is frankly a rather physical task. Painted wooden stairs can just be swept with a brush which is more easy to maintain.