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Parquet Is Back In the Game

Parquet flooring was not paid the attention it deserves the recent years because the interior design has focused on the minimalist style. However, London flooring experts point out that this tradition of using block patterns rather than planks is not forgotten at all – patterned block London flooring is making a comeback!

  • London contractors greatly value the parquet block flooring as not only it is a flooring solution that comes at a reasonable price but offers a long list of advantages. What consumers praise most is the fact that it is easy to install and it comes in a great variety of patterns. The endless pattern designs are ideal for both London commercial flooring as well as residential premises and provide instant interest and texture to the floor.
  • The parquet revolution is now happening in the design world and as clients are interested in both contemporary and traditional styles, London flooring manufacturers offer both. Their great looks are provided with durability, different finishes and functionality to complete the high-quality London flooring solutions and offer a wide range of products to the customers. There are some clients that demand a bespoke look but their will can be now fulfilled – a single block thickness allows mixing colours which makes the London flooring contractors able to be creative and provide the client with a unique solution.
  • Some of the parquet flooring solutions are appropriate for installation over underfloor heating – they offer adaptability for both traditional and modern interior styles and those who want to feel the true luxurious sense are provided with the chance. The popular London flooring solutions are dark wood especially the shades of ebony and espresso. London flooring professionals can create a classic look for any interior and offer oiled and brushed UV finishes – as they allow the customer to see the genuine character within the wood, they still remain popular London flooring finishes.
  • Mouldings are here to help London flooring contractors finish their flooring projects with style and add character to them. No matter if it is a residential or commercial area, the key is in adding this small detail to give the whole picture an incredible finish.

London flooring that is specified correctly can be the perfect base for any room’s décor – contractors are happy to carry out precisely-chosen projects and make their customers satisfied!

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